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Anthony and Liz Phillips are the co-founders of Phillips Coaching, a Melbourne-based coaching team that works with clients on their sporting, fitness, wellbeing and business skills.  

Phillips Coaching specialises in working with talented AFL players and teams to develop both the physical and mental elements of their football game. The coaching team uses proven coaching techniques to enable young people to successfully perform at the highest sporting levels – including the TAC and AFL competitions.

Anthony is a committed and skilled coach who was won multiple awards for his coaching and community contributions, and the AFL and fitness team has recently been boosted with the addition of Ed Phillips to the coaching team. 

Ed Phillips has joined the Phillips Coaching team after playing for the St Kilda Saints AFL team, having carved a reputation as a positive, hard-working team player and an ‘endurance machine’ on the field. 

Liz Phillips is passionate about swimming, nutrition and encouraging people to develop a strong sense of identity and belonging. Liz is focused on bringing about positive change in the community through the encouragement and development of people’s skills, interests and talents.

Lucy Phillips coaches for Caulfield Grammar School in Basketball, tennis and athletics. She also coaches at the Michelle Timms Academy and assists with our online productions and getting our online coaching sessions online.

Tom Phillips is an active volunteer on numerous events, coaching sessions and online programs, to help educate aspiring young athletes in their sports development.

Phillips Coaching donates most professional coaching fees to The Phillips Foundation, which partners with charitable organisations and projects around the world, delivering holistic education opportunities to remote or disadvantaged communities.

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Phillips Coaching is currently accepting clients, of most ages, for sports, fitness, wellbeing and business coaching. If you'd like to make a booking or enquire about a coaching program, please get it touch! We look forward to hearing from you.