Set your path to success

Setting and achieving goals in sport, work or life happens through a mixture of talent, hard work and a special kind of determination.

Phillips Coaching partners with individuals and organisations to support the pursuit of their goals through proven coaching and mentoring tools and techniques. Phillips Coaching is led by Anthony and Liz Phillips, and Anthony is an  experienced sports and business coach, with lifelong experience working with elite athletes.

One on One Coaching

Phillips Coaching is a partner when it comes to one-on-one coaching for fitness, sports, wellbeing and business. We work with our clients of all ages as they work along their chosen pathway to success. We provide professional coaching techniques, set goals and support our clients’ development.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a brilliant way to stay focused on your health, fitness, wellbeing and sporting goals. Whether you prefer small groups of 2-4 people, a medium sized group of 5-10 people, or a large group of 11+ people, Phillips Coaching has you covered.  

Team Coaching

Phillips Coaching has a long and proud track record of working with teams to nurture the strengths within individuals, develop the team dynamic, and create a powerful platform for excellence, wellbeing, balance, training, fitness and conditioning. 

Training Camps

Training camps are a brilliant way to develop a group, or team, and get them all on the same page. Training camps are a unique and powerful way to bring a team together with focus, shared goals, motivation, some healthy competition, and work to everyone’s strengths and, in turn, the power of the team. 

Strength & Conditioning

Phillips Coaching has partnered with many teams, groups and individuals as they growth their strength and conditioning with our coaching programs. From injury prevention, better health and recovery, increase muscle mass and metabolism and overall better performance, Philllips Coaching walks the talk. 

The Phillips Foundation

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The Camp Australia Story

How we built a people-based business and beyond

Get the keys to a successful business and a happy life by winning and giving. The Camp Australia Story: How we built a people-based business and beyond by Camp Australia founder Anthony Phillips with L.A. Adam is now available for sale.

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